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Electronic Rendering/Imaging

LaserMark can create a PDF file of each card that is sent out to your members. This ensures you have an electronic copy of each card for audit purposes. Read More.

Web Portal

NEW! Here’s just some of what our new web portal allows our customers to do:

  • Check the status of current jobs, up-to-the-second
  • Access RSS feed for records processing and job status information
  • Submit a Special Fulfillment request and check status of previous requests
  • Securely view an electronic sample of a processed card
  • Securely submit electronic files for processing or review

All information is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption and further secured with Source IP restrictions and username/password login.

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Secure Single Sign-on

Once you’re in, you’re in! Our site is highly secure, yet convenient to use. Using a single Login/Password, you can navigate anywhere on our site and even upload new files to our FTP site without getting bogged down by more Login prompts. Read More.

Data Forwarding

So many options! LaserMark can securely send your processed data (or a customized subset of your data) to another entity of your choosing. Or, we can return the post-process data back to you for customized internal reporting or management. Read More.

Automated Customized Reporting

What kind of reports do you need on a regular basis? We’ll set you up to receive daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports and automated notifications. From shipping dates to group totals and more, LaserMark can send your report in whatever format and delivery method you require—whether it’s a printed report, importable data file, e-mail notification, PDF document, or information posted to an FTP site. Read More.

Customized Programming

Are there any programming requests that would make your organization more effective? LaserMark can provide customers with a variety of solutions such as:

  • Quality Assurance – We can capture data to help you check for errors and improve customer service levels.
  • Family Cards – Group multiple family members (accurately) on one card. LaserMark can also accommodate diverse family models—such as blended families, members whose children are living in different households, parents with shared custody, or members whose dependents are away at college.
  • Multiple Languages – LaserMark has the ability to set up language codes so that non-English speaking members will receive letters in Spanish (or other languages). We offer much more flexibility in this area than our competitors.
  • Logo Variations – ensure that members in a certain zip code receive a card with a specific logo.
  • Clinic or Network Substitutions – Has a clinic been acquired by another HMO? Is there a name change in the works for a major healthcare network? Leave it to LaserMark to get the replacement cards out right away.
  • Special Requests - Whatever your special programming need or request, LaserMark will get the data you need!
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Data Analysis

Do you need facts and figures? Let LaserMark crunch the data, so you can focus on the results and next steps. Whether you want to measure your company’s performance or monitor ours, we are happy to supply the metrics. For example:

  • Learn how many special requests were processed for a subset of members last quarter.
  • Compare the turnaround time for packets mailed this month to those mailed at the same time last year
  • Find out exactly when cards were mailed to members in a certain city or zip code.
  • Whatever metrics you need… LaserMark delivers the answers!
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Image Digitization/Logo Prep

LaserMark’s talented production team will make sure your graphics look great in the finished product. We can convert your logo to a digital format with the necessary resolution for best results. Read More.