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Paper-Laminated Cards

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2 Cards:
It’s easy to see why this is our most popular product. The Paper-Laminated 2-up is economical and flexible. It leaves up to 2/3 of the page for your descriptive welcome letter, change letter, or renewal letter. Read More.

4 Cards:
Want to send a card to each person in the family, without the excessive postage? Use our 4-up template, which sacrifices letter space to get two more cards on the page. Or, use this product to send multiple kinds of cards to each member—such as health plan cards, pharmacy cards, vision care and dental cards. Read More.

Foldable Butterfly Cards:
(2-up & 4-up formats) When a two-sided card just isn't enough room to display all the information you need, try our butterfly foldable card. It takes up the same amount of room in your member’s wallet, but gives you 4 sides of printable information. Read More.

(2-up format) It’s short and sweet. This format has room for a brief message and two member cards on each half-sheet…so you can get two mailings per printed page. Read More.