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Plastic Cards

  • Cards are printed on durable plastic material, similar to credit cards.
  • Print in black ink or add highlight colors such as Red, Blue or Green.
  • Plastic cards are an ideal choice for premiere products.
  • Ideal for long-term, rugged or daily use applications.
  • This is a great option for retail loyalty programs, travel rewards programs, or government programs like Medicare.
  • Choose from PVC plastic or biodegradable “green” card stock derived from renewable resources.
  • Need barcodes? We can help you incorporate personalized information through barcoding—ideal for Medicare programs and points-based loyalty programs in Retail, Travel and Hospitality applications.
  • Ready to swipe? LaserMark can add Magnetic Stripe capabilities to your cards. This feature is commonly found in ATM bank cards and other applications where members need a convenient way to access their account information.